June 2012

The TRTDC returned to the Woodbine Centre June 16 for another successful event. Many thanks to our supporters, including FedEx Freight, Fleet Safety Council - Toronto, Canada Cartage Systems, and Northbridge Insurance.
Loblaws supplied lunch, while Canada Cartage Systems, Con-way Freight, Erb Transport, FedEx, TEAM Freightliner, and Home Hardware made their equipment available for the course and for the pre-trip portion of the competition. Of course, thanks to the Ministry of Transportation officers who put the drivers through their paces at that pre-trip station.

Photos here.

Straight Truck
1st - Gerry Morgan - Crown Drain
2nd - Daryl Poole - Reimer Express Lines
3rd - Gaurav Wadhwa - Erb Transport

Single Single
1st - Marc Lefebvre - Canada Cartage Systems
2nd - David Flynn - CCT Transport
3rd - Alex Tompkins - Con-way Freight - Canada

Single Tandem
1st - Jason Wingle - Con-way Freight - Canada
2nd - Hugh Palmer - Con-way Freight - Canada
3rd - Chris Snyder - Speedy Transport

Tandem Tandem
1st - Dan Congdon - Reimer Express Lines
2nd - Greg Fleer - Speedy Transport
3rd - Preetpal Niijjar - Canada Cartage Systems

1st - Pat Clark - Con-way Freight - Canada
2nd - Claude Gauthier - Bison Transport

Rookie of the Year
Greg Fleer - Speedy Transport

Team of the Year
Con-way Freight - Canada

Grand Champion
Gerry Morgan - Crown Drain

This group of professional drivers now qualify to compete at he Ontario Truck Driving Championships, July 13, 14 &15 being held at the Hershey Centre, Mississauga.

Congratulations to all the drivers, and many thanks to the judges and sponsors.


September 2011
National Professional Truck Driving Champtionships.
The Nationals were held earlier this month in Calgary, and 34 drivers from across the country vied for top honours. Congratulations to the winners and to all who participated. Special congrats to Team Ontario for taking Team honours!
Full results and pictures are here on the AMTA site.
OTDC rep Ewen Steele has posted video and pictures of the event.

July 2011
Another very successful event! The 65th edition of the Ontario Truck Driving Championships is over for another year. Congratulations to Stewart Jutzi of Erb Transport, this year's Grand Champion, and to all the winners and participants.

Pictures are posted

2011 OTDC results
Straight Truck:
1st - Stewart Jutzi - Erb Transport
2nd - Joe Kuntz - Home Hardware Stores
3rd - Mike Hamilton -City of Brampton

Single Single:
1st - Clary Ward- Con-way Freight
2nd - Rick Dobie - Con-way Freight
3rd - Patrick Clark - Con-way Freight

Single Tandem:
1st - Bryon Winfield - Home Hardware Stores
2nd - Richard Lacroix - SLH Transport
3rd - William Wolfe - Maple Leaf Foods

Tandem Tandem:
1st - Preetpal Nijjar - Canada Cartage System
2nd - Dan Congdon - Reimer Express Lines
3rd - Don Mason - Loblaw Company Ltd.

1st - Bryan Heyworth - SLH Transport
2nd - Wayne Ballagh - Home Hardware Stores
3rd - Peter Mosher - Maple Leaf Foods

Grand Champion - Stewart Jutzi - Erb Transport
Rookie of the Year - Chris Tinkler - SLH Transport
Highest Points - Preetpal Nijjar - Canada Cartage Systems
Pre-Trip Award - Tom Griffiths, Maple Leaf Foods, and Ernest Streicher, Home Hardware - both with perfect Pre-Trip Inspections
MTO Safety Award -  Ernest Streicher, Home Hardware - Highest combined score of the Written Test and Pre-Trip Inspection - both perfect

The winners of the five classes listed above will now go to Calgary, AB in August to compete in the National Professional Truck Driving Championships.
Congratulations to all, and thanks to our sponsors and volunteers. It wouldn't happen without you.

This year's event featured two exhibition classes with 4 new obstacles. The A-Train and Tanker classes did a short course after the 5 other classes were completed. The obstacles included: the Roundabout, Funky Monkey, Right Front Steer Tire, and the ICC Bumper Stop.

1st - Jeff Maclean - Molson Coors
2nd - Patrick Clark - Con-way Freight
3rd - Jason Wingle - Con-way Freight

1st - Marc Lefebvre - Canada Cartage Systems
2nd - Jeff Maclean - Molson Coors
3rd - Roger Mailloux - Con-way Freight


The 2011 Toronto Regional Truck Driving Championship event came to a successful conclusion a couple of weeks ago, and, for once this spring, it didn't rain on a Saturday.

Straight Truck:

1st - Daryl Poole - Reimer Express

2nd - Mike Hamilton -City of Brampton
3rd - Angela Hartley - City of Brampton

Single Single :

1st - Patrick Clark - Con-way Freight

2nd - Hugh Palmer - Con-way Freight

3rd - Marc Lefebvre - Canada Cartage System

Single Tandem:

1st - Jason Wingle - Con-Way Freight

2nd - Edwin Pinney - Con-Way Freight

3rd - Richard Curtis - Bison Transport

Tandem Tandem:

1st - Preetpal Nijjar - Canada Cartage System

2nd - Don Mason - Loblaw Company Ltd.

3rd - Dan Congdon - Reimer Express



1st - Claude Gauthier - Bison Transport

2nd - Gerry Morgan - Crown Drain

3rd - Tom Tuttle - Bison Transport

Pictures here.

2010 National Professional Truck Driving Championships - Winnipeg<씼Ź>

Step Van

1st - Randy Smith, Alberta
2nd - Robert Archambault, Manitoba
3rd - Tony Gomez, British Columbia

Straight Truck

1st - John Klassen, Manitoba
2nd - Larry Radons, Saskatchewan
3rd - Hans Wettstein, British Columbia

Single Single

1st - Evan Hirst, British Columbia
2nd - Brian Weslowski, Saskatchewan
3rd - Michel Carriere, Quebec

Single Tandem

1st - Jeff Maclean, Ontario
2nd - Steve MacPhee, Atlantic Provinces
3rd - Harvey Gording, Saskatchewan

Tandem Tandem

1st - Dean Grant, British Columbia
2nd - Shawn Matheson, Ontario
3rd - Paul Mills, Alberta


1st - Ken Wiebe, Manitoba
2nd - Adam Besse, British Columbia
3rd - Steve Calhoun, Alberta

Grand Champion - Dean Grant, British Columbia
Rookie - John Klassen - Manitoba
Team Champions - British Columbia


OTDC Pictures are posted here  and here.

Motoring 2010 posted their episode with the OTDC segment. It's about 10 or 15 minutes into the episode.

Jim Kenzie wrote a great article in the Toronto Star about the event.

Winners at the OTDC and MTO NSC Challenge

Ontario Truck Driving Championships

Step Van

Sponsored by Fleet Safety Council
1st - Karen Porter, Purolator
2nd - Kenneth Pyper, Con-way
3rd - Roger Mailloux, Con-way

Straight Truck

Sponsored by Blue Giant Equipment
1st - Trevor-Lee Laronde, Miller Waste
2nd - Joe Kuntz, Home Hardware
3rd - Rory Holland, Waste Management

Single Single

Sponsored by Home Hardware Stores
1st - Clary Ward, Con-way
2nd - Shawn Pietracupa, Con-way
3rd - Brent Rose, SLH Transport

Single Tandem

Sponsored by IHSA
1st - Jeff Maclean, SLH Transport
2nd - Jeff Lambkin, Erb Transport
3rd - Frank Roberti, Epic Express

Tandem Tandem

Sponsored by Mack Canada
1st - Shawn Matheson, Home Hardware
2nd - Tom Griffiths, Maple Leaf Foods
3rd - Preetpal Niijjar, Canada Cartage


Sponsored by OTA
1st - Brian Heyworth, SLH Transport
2nd - Ernest Streicher, Home Hardware
3rd - Wayne Ballagh, Home Hardware

A-Train (exhibition class)
Sponsored by FedEx Freight
1st - Jeff Maclean, SLH Transport
2nd - Andy Kivisto, Reimer Express Lines
3rd - Wayne Burnett, Maple Leaf Foods

Pre-Trip award

Sponsored by TTSAO
Brian Heyworth, SLH Transport

MTO Safety Award

Sponsored by the Ministry of Transportation
Brian Heyworth, SLH Transport

Rookie of the Year

Sponsored by Your Advantage Staffing
Rory Holland, Waste Management

Highest Points

Zurich Canada
Shawn Matheson, Home Hardware

Grand Champion

Sponsored by Transpro Freight Systems, and by MVSA
Shawn Matheson, Home Hardware

Ministry of Transportation

NSC Challenge

Motorcoach Inspection Winner - Bruce Rand, Kingston
CVSA Level I Inspection Winner - Bud Kneller, London
Level III Driver Inspection Winner - Mike Rounding, Windsor
Dangerous Goods Inspection Winner - Mike Rounding, Windsor

Grand Champion - Richard Robinson, Vineland
2nd Runner Up - Jason Droog, Sarnia
3rd Runner Up - Mike Rounding, Windsor

Deputy Minister Award - Isabel Jennings, VIneland


None of this could happen without our sponsors. Please take the time to peruse the list and thank them if you see them on site.

Milton weather

Direct entry to OTDC criteria:
Regional Championships
Criteria of a Regional Championship as a
prerequisite to enter drivers in the Provincial and National Championships.

When an eligible driver's home terminal base of operations or depot is within the
boundaries of a recognized (by OTDC) regional championship, that driver may
only enter provincial championship through the authority of a regional
championship or a company championship

Toronto Regional
June 12, 2010
Straight Truck - Tiberio Traversa - City of Brampton
Single Single - Todd Hewines - Gordon Food Services
Single Tandem - Jason Wingle - Con-way Freight
Tandem Tandem - Dan Congdon - Reimer Express
B-Train - Tom Tuttle - Bison Transport

Grand Champion - Dan Congdon - Reimer
Rookie - Jaswinder Sandu - FedEx Freight
Team Champions - Epic Express

Central Ontario Regional     www.cortdc.com
June 12, 2010

Grey Bruce Regional
June 5, 2010
Contact Sandy McDougall for more info

OTDC - 2009

2009 Results
Step Van - Roger Mailoux, Con-way;
Straight - Rob Marshall, Maple Leaf Foods;
Single Single
- Shawn Pietracrupa, Con-way;
Single tandem
- Lorne Wise, L. Hanson Forwarding;
Tandem tandem
- Don Mason, Loblaw Co.;
- Wayne Burnett - Maple Leaf Foods

Perfect Pre-Trip - Ron Dellaire, Epic; Don Mason, Loblaw; Shawn Matheson, Home Hdwe; Jim Schaefer, TDL Group
MTO Safety Award - Shawn Matheson  - Home Hardware
Highest Points - Lorne Wise, L. Hansen Forwarding - 421 pts.
Rookie of the Year - Preetpal Nijjar - Canada Cartage System
Grand Champion - Lorne Wise,
L. Hansen Forwarding

Pictures from the event.
Links out to Picasa web album

OTDC sponsors - Where would we be without them!

TRTDC 2009 results
Our sponsors made it happen!